Small Bulbs (C6 LED) $25 per 70 bulb strand

C6 bulbs are pinky sized bulbs which work great in trees. They come in 70 bulb strands and have a slightly smaller LED compared to the large bulb lights. We carry C6 bulbs in Warm White, Multicoloured, Pure White, Blue and Red. Other colours can sometimes be sourced, but availability isn't guaranteed. 

Clips are $4/strand clipped
Extension Chords are $10 for 4.5m
Timers are $30 

Large Bulbs (C9 LED) $25 per 25 bulb strand

C9 bulbs are larger than their C6 counterparts. They are about the size of a small pinecone. These are the bulbs that we recommend installing on rooflines, as we can clip each bulb individually and ensure everything faces the same direction. These bulbs have a larger LED and are brighter than the C6s as a result. We carry the same colours in C9 as we do in C6. 

C6 - $25/70 bulb strand
C9- $20/25 bulb strand