Rates and Services

Fix ups
Peak Season: $200 November 15 - December 20
Early Season: $
150 October 1 - November 14

Our fixup price is a minimum charge and is only to fix the positioning of light strands that have not been 
taken down between seasons. If lights are broken or damaged from the elements a replacement fee may be charged.

We will reposition up to ten strands for this price, additional strands are billed at $10/strand.

We don't charge a travel fee for any of our serviced areas!

Notes Regarding Installation Prices:

Installation prices apply to standard strand lengths; C6-70 Bulb, C9-25 Bulb, Icicles are considered half strands. Longer strands will be priced proportionally. 

Cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 Hours in advance.  Same day cancellations can not be processed and will be installed and invoiced at the above rates.

                Minimum Installation Charge:
                Peak season: $250 November 15 - December 20
                Early season: $200 October 1 - November 14

                By The Strand Pricing
                $25 per strand on roofs 
                $.80c/foot per foot of lights in trees

                Spool Light Pricing
                $1.50 per foot on roofs (individually clipped)
                $1 per foot if not individually clipped

                *We do not install traditional (incandescent) strands.
                **Installations prices are effected by conditions such 
                as icy roofs and steep angles.
                ***Prices increase later in the season due to increased risk                       from working in the cold and in icy conditions.

Christmas Light Take-downs

Taking your lights down between seasons is highly recommended for several reasons:

  1. Your LED lights will fade in the sun and will not match any new strands that you purchase in the future.
  2. Your clips become dry and brittle causing your lights to fall out of place. The minimum charge for installation applies to re-secure lights that have not been taken down.
  3. Hail will damage your bulbs and your clips.
Take down cost

40% of setup, with a minimum charge of $100

** Extra charges will apply to technically difficult Takedowns.